Edexcel A Level Further Mathematics Mechanics<br>Jean-Paul Muscat

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Author: Jean-Paul Muscat
Author(s): Jean-Paul Muscat
ISBN-13: 9781510414525
ISBN-10: 1510414525
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication Date: 24-Nov-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320

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Provide full support for the Further Mechanics options with worked examples, stimulating activities and assessment support developed by subject experts and in conjunction with MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry). The content benefits from the expertise of subject specialist Keith Pledger and the support of MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry).

  • Ensure targeted development of reasoning and problem-solving skills with plenty of practice questions and structured exercises that improve mathematical skills and techniques.
  • Build connections between topics, using real-world contexts to help develop modelling skills, thus providing a fuller and more coherent understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Overcome misconceptions and develop insight into problem solving with annotated worked examples.
  • Measure progress with graduated exercises that support you at every stage of your learning.

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