Edexcel A Level Mathematics Year 2<br>Sophie Goldie

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Author: Sophie Goldie
Author(s): Sophie Goldie, Susan Whitehouse, Val Hanrahan, Jean-Paul Muscat
ISBN-13: 9781471853050
ISBN-10: 1471853055
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication Date: 28-Oct-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 448

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Help students to develop their knowledge and apply their reasoning to mathematical problems with worked examples, stimulating activities and assessment support tailored to the 2017 Edexcel specification. The content benefits from the expertise of subject specialist Keith Pledger and the support of MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry).

  • Prepare students for assessment with skills-building activities, worked examples and practice questions tailored to the changed criteria.
  • Develop a fuller understanding of mathematical concepts with real world examples that help build connections between topics and develop mathematical modelling skills.
  • Cement understanding of problem-solving, proof and modelling with dedicated sections on these key areas.
  • Confidently teach the new statistics requirements with five dedicated statistics chapters and questions around the use of large data sets.
  • Cover the use of technology in Mathematics with a variety of questions based around the use of spreadsheets, graphing software and graphing calculators.
  • Provide clear paths of progression that combine pure and applied maths into a coherent whole.
  • Reinforce Year 1 content with short review chapters
  • Year 2 only.

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